Steven Howell

Steven brings more than 30 years of global experience in retail, CPG manufacturing, consulting, and technology to the Private Brands Industry. He specializes in product lifecycle management process design, supply chain management, organization design, business process improvement, project management, and system design and implementation. Steven has worked with organizations in North and South America on Business Development, Sales, Organization structure, Business Process, Technology implementation, and supply chain issues by understanding their business needs and translating into process designs, requirements and solutions, building key business & organizational capabilities.

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GMO labeling and private brands – Time to give your customers what they want

Private brands today are trusted, quality products and are succeeding in differentiating themselves from national brands with high-quality ingredients, customizable options and a variety of packaging choices. Many retailers have their finger on the...
30 March, 2016

Proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label – Don’t wait until the last minute

The FDA has proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label (NFL) and is expected in the next few months to finalize what will be significant modifications to nutritional labeling. These will be the most dramatic changes for nutrition policy in over...
23 March, 2016

GMO labeling - The clock is ticking

26 February, 2016

Create a memorable and sharable experience with your private brands

Retailers who manage their own private brands strive to create strong brands. With strong brands, a retailer can sustain and increase revenue and profits, create a competitive advantage in their marketplace and gain leverage in their partnerships...
15 February, 2016

New FDA voluntary labeling guidance for GMOs versus new labeling legislation

Retailers that manage and sell their own brands are at a crossroads regarding GMO labeling. Retailers know their customers want transparency in labeling (to include all products with ingredients that contain GMOs) and more importantly want to give...
07 December, 2015

Vermont Act 120 - GMO Labeling

GMO Labeling – States are now responding to consumer demand for transparency. Can retailers react and be ready for this change? There are increasing numbers of consumers seeking more transparency from the food and beverage industry. 87% of Americans...
13 November, 2015

Private brand retailers must look to technology to remain competitive.

All retailers are under pressure to cut costs and remain competitive and Whole Foods are one of the the latest to announce cuts with the loss of 1,500 jobs. Co-CEO Walter Robb said in a statement: "We believe this is an important step to evolve...
05 October, 2015

The Value of 'ONE VIEW' when measuring Customer Experience Insights

Retail Consultants McMillan Doolittle raised two excellent points in their recent post, 'A Brief Perspective on Customer Experience Measurement,' which are relevant to any Retail Brand interested in measuring Customer Experience Insights:
12 June, 2015

The Value of Brand Advocates (or, My New Love for Trader Joe's)

I have been a loyal customer of Trader Joe’s for many years.  I consistently shop with this retailer because they have good prices, products I enjoy, interesting new products and, for the most part, good quality.
28 May, 2015

Introducing Steven Howell, Director of Business Development

Hi, my name is Steven.
26 May, 2015
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