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Will Kroger’s private brand commercials grow brand loyalty?

A strange thing happened at the weekend. Sitting down on the sofa, coffee in one hand and the TV remote in the other, I pressed down firmly on the power switch and quickly looked up as the black screen burst into life. I was greeted by the Roku logo...
28 March, 2019

The future of the checkout experience

Does technology in store really improve your shopping experience? Is the promise of self-service something that the average shopper wants? Who indeed is the average shopper and who’s to say what they want?
24 October, 2018

Is technology putting a band aid over poor customer service?

I’m by no way saying a good implementation of the right technology isn’t effective - I often go online and open up a chat window to talk to a representative to find out where my order is or arrange a return - but recently I arrived at the conclusion...
08 August, 2018

The great British, private brand, bake off

Growing up, private brands to me meant that my parents were having a particularly tough week and we had to make a few cut backs in the supermarket. No Mr. Kipling that week, it was Kwik Save, "no frills" generic cake. As I got older, things changed....
22 March, 2018
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