Merle Laur

Merle is Senior Implementation Consultant at S4RB and draws on her varied experience of working on projects for some of the world’s largest retailers to comment on technology within the retail own brand industry. Prior to joining S4RB, Merle’s background is in CRM, ticketing and customer services.

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Supplier data collection: expectation vs. reality

Expectation Collecting data from suppliers, easy right? All you’re asking them is to do is complete a form or survey and send it back. 
08 July, 2020

Why no news isn’t always good news - The importance of giving feedback

People often say no news is good news. Applying this to myself as a customer, this isn’t quite the case. When I personally have had a bad experience with a product or a service, I tend not to report it. Instead I would never buy that tomato sauce...
18 January, 2017
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