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Kieran Forsey is unified brand experience director and co-founder of private brand grocery retail specialist Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB). With a strong background in software development, FMCG retail and supply chains, Kieran has worked with many of the world’s leading retailers including Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, Asda, Safeway & Coles. With over twenty years’ experience working with retail private brands, Kieran helps teams create and develop competitive products that delight customers. Kieran facilitates a collaborative approach to reviewing performance and advises retailers and suppliers on how to react quickly to changing markets trends. He is able to speak about the importance of the customer & brand experience, and why it is more vital now than ever for retail teams to listen to their customers, and use this feedback to differentiate their products and forge an open and transparent relationship. Kieran can explain how those in the retail sector can benefit from the use of technology to make sense of the vast amount of data relating to their products and utilise these insights to make changes that increase sales and customer loyalty.

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Are food retailers facing doomsday?

Food retailers are under great pressure, more than ever before. Amazon are set to potentially take the home-delivery market by storm, the ‘discounters’ are emerging as mainstream competitors, and the newer generation of shoppers - the millennials -...
23 June, 2016

Millennials continue to dominate retailers' minds

Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO at FMI, wrapped up day one of FMI Connect with her presentation on the future trends facing retailers. Millennials are once again the group of shoppers dominating retailers’ minds when they look to the future.
22 June, 2016

Good shopping experience doesn’t always mean more sales.

It was highlighted at the IGD Big Debate 2015 that according to IGD, 75% of shoppers in the UK have a good shopping experience. All very encouraging but customer experience is not just about the shopping experience, it is also about the brand...
23 October, 2015

How to Use Online Customer Feedback to Influence Purchase Intent

There has been a staggering increase in the influence that Consumer Generated Content (CGC) (social chat, tweets etc.) has over purchasing decisions both online and offline. This is according to a recent study by bazaarvoice, a leading social media...
22 June, 2015

"Generation UBX"

"Milennials" are the next generation of adults, numbering an estimated 80 million in the USA according to the US Chamber of Commerce.  They are very optimistic, tech-savvy, more tolerant than previous generations, and their number one goal is the...
24 February, 2015
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