Kieran Forsey

Kieran Forsey is unified brand experience director and co-founder of private brand grocery retail specialist Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB). With a strong background in software development, FMCG retail and supply chains, Kieran has worked with many of the world’s leading retailers including Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, Asda, Safeway & Coles. With over twenty years’ experience working with retail private brands, Kieran helps teams create and develop competitive products that delight customers. Kieran facilitates a collaborative approach to reviewing performance and advises retailers and suppliers on how to react quickly to changing markets trends. He is able to speak about the importance of the customer & brand experience, and why it is more vital now than ever for retail teams to listen to their customers, and use this feedback to differentiate their products and forge an open and transparent relationship. Kieran can explain how those in the retail sector can benefit from the use of technology to make sense of the vast amount of data relating to their products and utilise these insights to make changes that increase sales and customer loyalty.

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The return of the Wagyu burger: a lesson in product quality for creating destination brands

Wagyu beef is among the world’s best beef. A genuine Wagyu steak in Japan costs $150 and is a thing of wonder. It has so much marbling it can look like an intricate lace shawl. It melts in the mouth and has exceptional flavour. So, when Aldi...
07 August, 2019

Could Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) get kids to school in the morning, without a fuss?

Imagine having a process flowchart for getting your kids out of bed and off to school each day. It would probably start the night before making sure uniforms are pressed, lunches are made, and bags are ready. Then the morning alarm would go off and...
01 May, 2019

Private brands: Learning digital transformation from Usain Bolt

We all indulged in Usain Bolt’s fantastic feats in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, particularly when the 4 x 100 meter relay team became the first to smash 37 seconds - breaking the world record clocking 36.84 seconds. Unbelievable!
03 April, 2019

Private brands leadership: what can the industry learn from JFK?

In a world where change and disruption is all around us, companies have to be highly adaptable and agile to transform their businesses to be able to respond and thrive. Business Transformation is the term used and can best be described as change...
21 March, 2019

Did you shop at Lidl this Christmas?

With the Christmas trading results all in, Kieran Forsey takes a look at the learnings for private brands and where to focus in 2019.
06 February, 2019

What can America learn from the UK retail sector?

The US retail sector has already adopted a number of new initiatives from its UK counterpart, including the continuing prominence of private label products, development of ‘free from’, and a focus on heightened transparency when it comes to product...
11 May, 2018

Retail trends set to hit the US in 2018

Attitudes across the globe have changed dramatically in recent years when it comes to consumers choosing what they eat and where they buy their produce and groceries. In 2018, US retailers must be more transparent than ever before if they want to...
31 January, 2018

Velocity 2017 is just around the corner

My Private Brand has put together an impressive lineup for the inaugural Velocity, their first private brand summit. Well done Christopher Durham! I am delighted that they have stayed true to their principles of hearing from the world’s top...
30 August, 2017

What happened to the 'L' in PLM

Product Lifecycle Management or PLM was heralded as the ultimate methodology for retail private brands, promising to transform the performance of new product development. Despite this, modern era new product development often falls way short of...
19 April, 2017

Economy private label falls in Europe while premium private brands grow

Following my visit to FMI Connect, I noticed that the recent figures on private label sales in Europe didn’t make for a great headline. Then, looking much deeper, it soon became apparent that the message relating to the performance of private label...
04 July, 2016
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