Jay Ramsay

Jay is Product Manager at S4RB. A T-Shaped technology and commercial leader, with strong product, analytical and project experience and a track record of delivering quality products and growth. Driven by a Lean mindset, Jay loves to visualise the relationships between individual parts of a complex system and the macro system functionality and has a passion for transferring ambiguous concepts from idea to implementation.

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Three ways Quality Managers and Product Developers can use text analysis to save time, drive sales and grow Own Brands using customer feedback

Two birds with one stone?
07 April, 2020

Is your approach to own brand merchandise complaints management actually hurting product quality and consistency?

In the hundreds and thousands of pieces of customer feedback that flow through the doors of every retailer, how do you identify and prioritise which issues to tackle first?
30 March, 2020

The Four Barriers to sharing customer feedback with own brand suppliers at scale

The Big Challenge presented by Big Data The growth of Big Data presents a big challenge for Quality Managers, Product Developers and Technical Managers at traditional retailers.
24 March, 2020

Do you really know your customer? Why you must master the art (and science) of omni-channel customer feedback management

Can you describe your typical customer? 
18 March, 2020

Changing your perception of time can drive real insights

The passage of time is a fact of life that we can neither control nor even influence. No matter how hard we try, minutes, days, weeks and months pass by with remarkable regularity and uniformity.
31 October, 2018
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