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James Butcher is an experienced director and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in retail, food, manufacturing and packaging. Initially with a focus on packaging coding labelling, artwork and inspection systems, James helped to revolutionise the retail barcode labelling market with Prestek. Following a trade sale to Markem, James helped achieve an estimated 70% worldwide market share for its SmartDate range of thermal overprinters as global product manager. This was achieved across categories including food, beverage and pharmaceuticals, working with both global brands and private brand manufacturers. In the late 1990s, James was founding director of Claricom, which progressed to world market leader for Packaging Coding Management software and consulted to major retailers on barcodes, artwork management and best practice coding and traceability. James Butcher joined Solutions 4 Retail Brands (S4RB) in 2009 as managing director, and has led the transformation of the business from specialist advisers on retail brands, to the market leader in consultancy-led software provision of cloud-based tools for Supplier Engagement and UBX (Unified Brand Experience).

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Achieving brand differentiation: sustainability is the future

I recently had the pleasure of discussing product strategy with a former head of own brand for a major European retailer, and she made a bold statement — that ESG is the place where brands need to differentiate in future. It was a statement that...
11 November, 2021

Maximizing the ROI from compliance data

Any credible private brand needs a system to maintain detailed product information. Whether referred to as a 'spec system' or 'PLM', these brand compliance solutions are the essential 'one truth'. 
06 October, 2021

Prioritize brand values: products that stand out from the crowd

Last week I attended another great online event, the Innovation Summit, hosted by MyPrivateBrand (now the Retail Brand Institute). And now the excitement builds for an in-person event, Velocity 2022, next May.
06 October, 2021

Discover the value beyond product and transparency compliance data

In a previous blog, I wrote about the opportunity to extract more value from compliance data. To not only be ‘defensive’ but to be ‘offensive’ to drive positive improvements and support winning private brand products. Examples included using Oracle...
05 October, 2021

Plastic Pact commitments demand successful supplier engagement

Plastics reduction returning to top of the agenda Last month, I featured as a panellist on a Webinar hosted by Store Brands in which we discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the many packaging and plastic commitments made by brands such as the UK or...
24 May, 2021

Activate your force multipliers, deliver change with supplier engagement

At the heart of all we do at S4RB is a belief that supplier engagement enables brand owners and their suppliers, to achieve more, together, on-time and right first time. And therefore, I found myself in a discussion with one of the Product Lifecycle...
08 April, 2021

‘Natasha’s Law’ – One year to go

In 2019, the Government set out new legislation placing stricter requirements on pre-packaged foods to carry a full list of ingredients - known as ‘Natasha’s Law’. Natasha’s Law follows the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who...
06 October, 2020

Private Brand Supplier Engagement; the Impact of Brexit?

It is fair to say that back in 2019, Brexit dominated the news. The same is said for 2018. It is hard to believe but we probably all wish it had been in 2020 too. Because that means we wouldn’t have been in the grip of a global pandemic, but clearly...
14 September, 2020

The importance of alignment between call centers and own brand teams

At S4RB we talk a lot about one team. The importance of retail own brand teams and their own brand suppliers working together, around one view of product performance and one mission to deliver success. 
08 September, 2020

To Become Agile in Private Brands, First Break the Iron Triangle

Private brands need to be agile. It is no longer commercially viable for new product development to take forty or fifty weeks. There is the need to be more responsive to competition, customer demand and customer trends. We have seen this more than...
27 July, 2020
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