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David Taylor is an award-winning retail consultant specializing in digital business transformation involving suppliers. David is a passionate and vocal thought leader on diverse topics including product safety blockchain implementations, “supplier stories” marketing campaigns and artificial intelligence (AI) powered product development. The common thread is the importance of delivering measurable business results through successful supplier engagement at scale. David now leads the growth of S4RB’s existing accounts as Client Success Director, using his proprietary ‘Success Worth Sharing’ methodology. This approach focuses on delivering measurable, outcome-oriented results (Success) with clearly attributable value (Worth) that can be shared to promote mutual growth (Sharing).

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Success worth sharing #2: Delivering retail results in 10 steps

Last time I walked you through the first 5 of the 10 steps to delivering successful projects. If you haven’t read that blog yet, I’d encourage you to read it first. We’re now going to look at the second half of the list:
26 July, 2017

Success worth sharing #1: Delivering retail results in 10 steps

My colleagues Peter and James recently described the foundations of S4RB’s approach to enterprise software. In two separate blog posts, they explored how our combination of consultancy-led software and agile implementation enables us to deliver true...
19 July, 2017

PR stories hiding in your supply chain: Suppliers of tomorrow

For those frequent readers, you may have guessed that one of my greatest passions is the stories behind your suppliers.
16 December, 2016

Are our attitudes as customers to blame for poor supplier engagement?

If something falls below the standards we expect as customers, what would most of us do?
01 December, 2016

Five tactics to leverage suppliers to drive private brand sales

In a previous post, Supermarkets: Why a price diet won’t make you more attractive to consumers,  I put forward the proposition that retailers need to spend more time looking at ways to leverage their suppliers’ passion and expertise to make their...
18 August, 2016

How to achieve 'FIR 2016' compliance

Forenote: The deadline for compliance with FIR 2016 may now have passed but this is a great example of applied Supplier Engagement. Read on to understand how Supplier Engagement techniques and practices help to ensure suppliers become compliant with...
27 July, 2016

Practical steps for retailers to achieve REACH compliance

I remember sitting, head in hands, trying to wrap my head around it.
01 June, 2016

Private brand retail must lead the workforce automation revolution to survive

Doom and gloom Barely a week goes by without a gloomy supermarket sales performance report punctuating my BBC News app. The names have become interchangeable but they are all facing up to the same challenges:
12 May, 2016

Four videos to help you make great how-to videos for supplier self-help

Are you using video in your supplier engagement strategy yet? Previously, I’ve made the case for why you should be using video in your supplier engagement strategy in Four reasons your business should use video to increase supplier engagement. And...
13 April, 2016

Supermarkets: Why a price diet won’t make you more attractive to consumers

11 March, 2016
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