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David Taylor is an award-winning retail consultant specializing in digital business transformation involving suppliers. David is a passionate and vocal thought leader on diverse topics including product safety blockchain implementations, “supplier stories” marketing campaigns and artificial intelligence (AI) powered product development. The common thread is the importance of delivering measurable business results through successful supplier engagement at scale. David now leads the growth of S4RB’s existing accounts as Client Success Director, using his proprietary ‘Success Worth Sharing’ methodology. This approach focuses on delivering measurable, outcome-oriented results (Success) with clearly attributable value (Worth) that can be shared to promote mutual growth (Sharing).

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Retail, tics and anti-radiation mobile phone batteries: How I learnt not to sell

I used to sell anti-radiation mobile phone batteries.
12 September, 2018

New Sainsbury's Nectar scheme aims to reward true loyalty

Sainsbury's testing the waters off the South coast
18 July, 2018

Due diligence defence is dead: branded exclusives, millennials and reputation management

My first day at S4RB was a blur.
06 June, 2018

Why 'extra mile' technology will surpass 'last mile' in 2018

Ever since Ford re-positioned themselves as a technology company as opposed to a car manufacturer, I've been acutely aware of others following similar paths.
30 May, 2018

Sainsbury's takeover of Nectar widens data divide and puts more retailers at risk

Data is the new oil. And for a one time payment equivalent to 2 million barrels of the black stuff, J Sainsbury's (JS) has taken control of customer loyalty scheme, Nectar.
04 April, 2018

Is Asda missing the 'spark'?

Asda’s trading troubles have been well documented in recent years. The rise of the budget Grocer coupled with increasing consumer expectations on everything from range, innovation and accessibility have placed significant strain on Asda's once...
28 March, 2018

Finance and product traceability - a marriage made in Blockchain?

The day hadn't begun well. I’d watched the sun rise as I hauled my luggage around the corner of Marble Arch, looking for Number 31. I felt like Harry Potter; searching for the mysterious Platform 9 ¾. After a couple of laps and a fair contribution...
21 March, 2018

11 tactics for engaging suppliers with your modern slavery strategy

  Last November saw the 2017 Stop Slavery Awards recognise companies that have taken concrete steps to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Amongst those honoured was parent company of the UK Convenience Grocer, COOP. Most notably, it...
05 February, 2018

The future of retail: how trucks will drive product technology and innovation

For most people, the announcement of a new type of truck wouldn't elicit much interest. I certainly struggled to raise more than a sarcastic yawn from my colleagues when attempting to introduce into conversation the news of electric carmaker Tesla...
10 January, 2018

Blockchain technology will revolutionise brand protection in the food industry

Blockchain technology will revolutionise brand protection in the food industry.
22 August, 2017
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