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David Taylor is an award-winning retail consultant specializing in digital business transformation involving suppliers. David is a passionate and vocal thought leader on diverse topics including product safety blockchain implementations, “supplier stories” marketing campaigns and artificial intelligence (AI) powered product development. The common thread is the importance of delivering measurable business results through successful supplier engagement at scale. David now leads the growth of S4RB’s existing accounts as Client Success Director, using his proprietary ‘Success Worth Sharing’ methodology. This approach focuses on delivering measurable, outcome-oriented results (Success) with clearly attributable value (Worth) that can be shared to promote mutual growth (Sharing).

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My supplier survey mistake: And how I fixed it using homeschooling and a leopard

It is easy to become numb to the reality behind the topics we work around on a daily basis. Especially when our interactions take place through a digital medium or are removed from the individuals on the front line.
26 February, 2021

Four musts before launching any supplier survey

Supply chain data collection is becoming an increasingly important capability for retailers, consumer brands and large manufacturers so that they can provide the product and supply chain transparency that the market demands at the pace required.
13 February, 2021

The not-so-new normal: Why remote retailer and supplier performance management is so hard

The not-so-new normal As part of adapting to the COVID-19 situation, many of us have begun working remotely to protect the key workers within our organisations to limit the spread. 
30 April, 2020

The Art of Conversation: Opening a true dialogue with your suppliers to build partnerships at scale

Retail leaders are increasingly recognising the value of open and honest dialogue with their suppliers at a scale beyond what is possible through the traditional buyer to account manager relationship.
15 April, 2020

How to Segment COVID-19 Supplier Communications Activity

Relevance is key Ensuring relevance is critical in any form of engagement, no less supplier engagement. Failure to maximise relevance will quickly result in the loss of an audience’s attention and the ultimate failure of you getting your message...
08 April, 2020

The COVID-19 Supplier Engagement Planning Checklist

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, many office workers are being encouraged to work from home. This is particularly important in retail where we need to protect the people involved in key parts of the value chain like logistics and operations to...
26 March, 2020

Making the Most of Customer Feedback

The challenges of collecting customer feedback Over the last decade or so, there has been a significant, overwhelming increase in customer feedback data available to retailers. 
11 February, 2020

The real value of own brand/retail customer feedback

Retailers today have many incoming streams of customer feedback. There’s the face to face route of in-store complaints and returns, call centre conversations, email, online chat and of course, social media.
14 January, 2020

Grocery retailers must take on this new role in the age of information

David Fikes, US-based Food Marketing Institute Communications VP, opened the FMI Private Brand summit with a bold declaration:
02 October, 2019

Building your private label: how to beat CPG at their own game

Private label products are set to increase their share of dollar spend from 15% to 25%. The higher margins afforded by private label products are like a desert oasis to those trudging across the unforgiving retail market. Budget retailers circle...
14 November, 2018
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