Sam’s Club game plan on the right track for private brand success

In February, Walmart announced a change in leadership at Sam’s Club with the appointment of John Furner as CEO. This Walmart veteran’s path to CEO includes previous leadership roles in operations, merchandising and sourcing in addition to expatriate...
29 March, 2017

The History of Iceland - Freezing Prices for 47 Years

Here we are again. So far in this series we have wandered though the past of five UK retailers. Co-op, Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Tesco and Asda.
24 March, 2017

Ex-Private Brand Director Joins S4RB

Nottingham-based Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) has announced the appointment of its new non-executive retail director.
23 March, 2017

Back to the future: the new rise of the Private Label Phoenix

Dramatic, distinctive, unique and game changing. Revered by millions throughout the world to this day. Inspired by French manufacturing technology and creativity. Debuted in the 70’s. Ripples ran around the globe. And now 2017 becomes the year of...
22 March, 2017

How to keep up with product labelling compliance

Within the vast scale of the grocery retail industry, it is sometimes inevitable that there will be errors with product labelling relating to ingredients.
15 March, 2017

Companies Must Understand, The Customer Is the Channel

We are living through a revolution. The technological and digital age is creating changes in society not seen since the Industrial Revolution. It is affecting all aspects of our lives from work to shopping, politics to education and far more besides.
07 March, 2017

Product Innovation…. Everyone Loves it!

Ok, maybe not the factory managers, but new product development teams certainly do, and customers and consumers definitely do. Innovation is a great way to differentiate yourselves from the competition.
02 March, 2017
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