Can the Living Wage result in increased brand loyalty and sales?

There are a lot of angles you could take when discussing the Living Wage: Social, Economic, Political…
29 October, 2015

Good shopping experience doesn’t always mean more sales.

It was highlighted at the IGD Big Debate 2015 that according to IGD, 75% of shoppers in the UK have a good shopping experience. All very encouraging but customer experience is not just about the shopping experience, it is also about the brand...
23 October, 2015

The difference between Supplier Relationship Management and Supplier Engagement

Although the term Supplier Engagement has been thrown around for some years now, many still aren’t clear on the methodology and discipline that sits behind it.
21 October, 2015

What diversity and inclusion means to me

I was recently asked to work on a diversity and inclusion project for one of our large retail clients and I jumped at the opportunity. Most people think that diversity and inclusion are just buzz words, but for me it’s more personal than that.
14 October, 2015

S4RB In the press: Refreshing change for Joe & Seph's

The use of Supplier Engagement software from S4RB by Waitrose enabled leading gourmet popcorn supplier Joe & Seph’s and other local and regional suppliers to easily meet the requirements of the recent Food Information Regulations (FIR) prior to the...
09 October, 2015

Four lessons from social media marketing for driving supplier engagement

I recently took part in a review of how S4RB uses social media to champion concepts like supplier engagement. Working with our friends at Nottingham-based PR agency Tank PR, we identified many new and exciting opportunities to share the benefits of...
07 October, 2015

Private brand retailers must look to technology to remain competitive.

All retailers are under pressure to cut costs and remain competitive and Whole Foods are one of the the latest to announce cuts with the loss of 1,500 jobs. Co-CEO Walter Robb said in a statement: "We believe this is an important step to evolve...
05 October, 2015
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