A review of 10 years in private brand retail

It is now 10 years since S4RB was founded, and during this time, the grocery sector has continued to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. In this competitive marketplace, retailers and manufacturers have been striving towards excellence, creating wider product ranges while improving quality and packaging to differentiate their brand from the rest. There is also the need to innovate to meet changing consumer purchase drivers such as social impact, health and wellness and experience. Naturally, it is a fine balance between offering products at the right price and standard, while complying with the latest legislation.

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Supermarkets have also invested heavily in private brand (own label) ranges in order to meet and exceed customer expectations and put themselves in a stronger position to foster loyalty. Of course, this poses plenty of challenges for private brand teams who manage thousands of products across multiple categories each day.

S4RB works with some of the world’s best-known retailers, including Asda, Waitrose and Walmart, to provide the tools they need to undertake this task. Our solutions focus on better collaboration with suppliers and this is one of the reasons we developed the supplierENGAGE™ software. The ‘One Team’ approach promotes greater engagement between suppliers and retailers, helping to ensure more products become a winning choice for shoppers.

I have worked in retail software for the past 25 years – something that has given me an insight into how, with the right tools, retailers can successfully navigate the complex world of private brands. S4RB has already made great strides in the Supplier Engagement field but in the coming years, we expect to work more closely with retailers looking to tap into consumer insights. After all, in the face of increasingly squeezed margins and tougher competition, who can afford to be without this information at their fingertips?

Jan Fura, founding director of Solutions for Retail Brands


Download the review in full

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Jan Fura

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