The 5 stages of turning your sustainability strategy into a plan

Global forces such as the climate emergency and deglobalisation, not to mention the most recent COVID-19 pandemic, bring challenges to the way we do business now more than ever before. There are consequences that remain, but also opportunities to make positive changes to the way we live and do business. Those who are willing to meet these challenges head on will not only survive, but thrive through future crises.
Sustainability is no longer just the domain of governance and risk management, but something your whole business can embrace as a means to grow resilience and profit. Now is a great opportunity for businesses to innovate and engage current and future customers.
There are 5 stages your business will need to follow to turn your sustainability strategy into a plan:
1. Reflect Understand the forces that impact and influence
your strategy and plan.
2. Plan Building a practical plan of action to deliver your
goals and commitments.
3. Collect Collecting data you need to inform your plan
and substantiate your claims.
4. Engage Aligning and activating the people who make or break your strategy your suppliers.
5. Perform Securely scaling data sharing and accountability to drive sustainability performance.
We have developed ‘The complete guide for data-driven, people-centric sustainability’ that not only expands upon these five stages, but shares countless practical tips and tricks for practitioners and leaders across its 99-pages. This guide brings together a comprehensive methodology built over 10 years of working with retailers, brands and their suppliers to gain transparency, gather data and make improvements. With a sustainability lens, it gives concrete guidance on each stage and how to obtain the right data and motivate people to achieve results together.
Sustainability, technical, and procurement professionals will find the methodology indispensable in truly engaging their organisations and suppliers to identify, prioritise and fulfil business sustainability commitments and drive urgently needed change.
Businesses at any stage of their sustainability journey, be it at the beginning or simply needing a review of their existing system, will find value in this handy, easy-to-reference guide.
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