11 tactics for engaging suppliers with your modern slavery strategy


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Last November saw the 2017 Stop Slavery Awards recognise companies that have taken concrete steps to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Amongst those honoured was parent company of the UK Convenience Grocer, COOP. Most notably, it was their excellence in supplier engagement and capacity building that judges highlighted as ‘best-in-class’.

The challenge of growing understanding and motivation at scale for multiple priority-worthy initiatives could easily overwhelm retail sustainability teams. Particularly when topics such as tackling modern slavery require a delicate balance of sensitivity and dogmatic perseverance. The Cooperative Group demonstrated that retailers can, and will rise to the challenge.

Working with a select number of strategic suppliers will change lives. However, all retailers must be able to consistently engage, educate and drive action at scale across their whole supply chain to entirely eradicate forced labour.

For over a decade, S4RB, have partnered with the world’s largest retailers to deliver measurable results using a proven approach to supplier engagement. This whitepaper draws on that experience to share 11 practical tactics your organisation can apply tomorrow to successfully engage with the entire supply chain in the pursuit of making Modern Slavery a thing of the past.

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David Taylor

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