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9 opportunities suppliers can bring to your sustainability strategy in 2022

Sustainability is no longer just the domain of governance and risk management but something a whole business can embrace as a means to resilience and profit. 2022 presents an excellent opportunity for brands to innovate and engage current and future...
14 January, 2022

Leading a sustainability initiative, the hard truth

It's becoming increasingly urgent for retail brands to make progress against their sustainability commitments. Consumer and investor pressure has reached a fever pitch in the wake of COP26. Customers are voting with their feet and their dollars,...
01 December, 2021

Achieving brand differentiation: sustainability is the future

I recently had the pleasure of discussing product strategy with a former head of own brand for a major European retailer, and she made a bold statement — that ESG is the place where brands need to differentiate in future. It was a statement that...
11 November, 2021

Demystifying your sustainability journey

It is now several years since my then team at a U.K. airport achieved carbon neutrality for ground operations. At the time we were well ahead of the curve and the learning was immense. The achievement was respected by our customers even then, and as...
27 October, 2021

Maximizing the ROI from compliance data

Any credible private brand needs a system to maintain detailed product information. Whether referred to as a 'spec system' or 'PLM', these brand compliance solutions are the essential 'one truth'. 
06 October, 2021

Prioritize brand values: products that stand out from the crowd

Last week I attended another great online event, the Innovation Summit, hosted by MyPrivateBrand (now the Retail Brand Institute). And now the excitement builds for an in-person event, Velocity 2022, next May.
06 October, 2021

Discover the value beyond product and transparency compliance data

In a previous blog, I wrote about the opportunity to extract more value from compliance data. To not only be ‘defensive’ but to be ‘offensive’ to drive positive improvements and support winning private brand products. Examples included using Oracle...
05 October, 2021

7 reasons your business needs to collect suppliers' data (and to do it faster)

Our last blog explained that performing a materiality index is only the tip of the iceberg when understanding the sustainability data that your business needs to meet the growing expectations of your customers.
04 October, 2021

Unlocking the value in your PLM data

The challenges facing own brand retailers are multiple and unique. Chief among them is the complexity involved in consistently delivering your brand promise across 10,000+ SKU own brand products, manufactured by 500+ third party suppliers, to your...
23 September, 2021

Manage risk, seize opportunities and prioritise activities with a materiality assessment

Businesses today are faced with a plethora of challenges and risks. Pressure from customers, stakeholders and government legislation can be overwhelming, only made more urgent by sustainability rising to the top of the agenda for many.
09 September, 2021
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