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‘Natasha’s Law’ – One year to go

In 2019, the Government set out new legislation placing stricter requirements on pre-packaged foods to carry a full list of ingredients - known as ‘Natasha’s Law’. Natasha’s Law follows the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who...
06 October, 2020

Supplier engagement, it will never go out of fashion

Fashion: notoriously one of the richest, most fast paced industries within retail. However operationally, the fashion industry comes up against many challenges. From the environmental impacts and poor working conditions of “fast fashion” to the way...
25 September, 2020

Private Brand Supplier Engagement; the Impact of Brexit?

It is fair to say that back in 2019, Brexit dominated the news. The same is said for 2018. It is hard to believe but we probably all wish it had been in 2020 too. Because that means we wouldn’t have been in the grip of a global pandemic, but clearly...
14 September, 2020

The importance of alignment between call centers and own brand teams

At S4RB we talk a lot about one team. The importance of retail own brand teams and their own brand suppliers working together, around one view of product performance and one mission to deliver success. 
08 September, 2020

Supplier engagement, it is not as complicated as you might think!

Supplier engagement. You might be thinking to yourself, what exactly is that? With it being my first week as a marketing intern for S4RB, I’ve exhausted all notions surrounding supplier engagement and what it is exactly; but if I were to simplify...
04 September, 2020

Avoid these seven supplier academy mistakes

Let’s talk online learning. It comes as no surprise that online learning is one of the hot topics right now. With many people searching for a new outlet for fulfilment during lockdown and the restrictions of work-related gatherings, we have seen a...
21 August, 2020

To Become Agile in Private Brands, First Break the Iron Triangle

Private brands need to be agile. It is no longer commercially viable for new product development to take forty or fifty weeks. There is the need to be more responsive to competition, customer demand and customer trends. We have seen this more than...
27 July, 2020

Staying (virtually) connected - Velocity goes Global!

In the past, Velocity (hosted by My Private Brand) was a great place to connect with the rest of the Private Brands industry. 
23 July, 2020

Supplier data collection: expectation vs. reality

Expectation Collecting data from suppliers, easy right? All you’re asking them is to do is complete a form or survey and send it back. 
08 July, 2020

Covid-19 will separate the optimists from the pessimists

I think we can all agree that few people are unaffected by COVID-19, and the impact will last for months or years to come. But one thing is obvious with the ceaseless media and industry coverage. It will separate the optimist from the pessimist....
09 June, 2020
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