New Sainsbury's Nectar scheme aims to reward true loyalty

Sainsbury's testing the waters off the South coast
18 July, 2018

Transparency in the free-from market

As an individual who follows a gluten free diet due to medical reasons, grocery shopping can be a stressful and sometimes risky affair. Equally the unequivocal rage I feel, when I peruse the free-from aisle and resign myself to paying extortionate...
11 July, 2018

How sustainability can lead to retailer loyalty

These days, sustainability and environmental and eco-friendliness are increasingly in the public eye. They are promoted in the news, in social media, by the government and are reinforced by messages from organisations about their own efforts.
04 July, 2018

The history of the barcode

We all now take for granted barcodes in our daily life.  We scan them at the checkout for a daily or weekly shop.  We scan them on event tickets.  We even now expect to scan them on our smart phones.  Although most of those technically aren’t...
27 June, 2018

If a retailer was a football club

Walking towards the football stadium on a Saturday afternoon we all feel that sense of anticipation, nerves and, depending on the opponent, pure dread. The fate of my weekend hangs in the balance; will I be wallowing in another humiliating defeat...
20 June, 2018

Aldi: A tale of two companies, with the same name

Welcome back history lovers, to another addition of Dazzler Does Retail History. This time we are investigating the origins of Aldi. So, let’s start the DeLorean and warm up the flux capacitor, as we speed down the Autobahn at 88 mph into 1913!
13 June, 2018

Mastering master data management

In a world as fast paced as the one we live in, waiting for anything is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Everyone wants their information to be on hand and in the world of retail this can pose a challenge when it comes to data. Most retailers...
08 June, 2018

Due diligence defence is dead: branded exclusives, millennials and reputation management

My first day at S4RB was a blur.
06 June, 2018

Why 'extra mile' technology will surpass 'last mile' in 2018

Ever since Ford re-positioned themselves as a technology company as opposed to a car manufacturer, I've been acutely aware of others following similar paths.
30 May, 2018

Own brands need a clear brand proposition

Against the news that Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is to close 94 of its 300 restaurant outlets (in the same week the FT reported that profits at the top 100 UK restaurants dive 64% in a year), I was interested in the comment by Ingo Braeunlich,...
23 May, 2018
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