Own brands need a clear brand proposition

Against the news that Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is to close 94 of its 300 restaurant outlets (in the same week the FT reported that profits at the top 100 UK restaurants dive 64% in a year), I was interested in the comment by Ingo Braeunlich,...
23 May, 2018

Innovation in store brands - more than just design

All retailers say they want innovation. But very few really translate the desire into an achievable strategy and execution that ultimately means something real to the consumer.
18 May, 2018

Growing own brand in a plant-based market

As I begin to take a deeper dive into understanding the industry in which we operate, I have found myself drawn towards the emphasis on healthier living and sustainability, both of which have become a marketable topic for our beloved supermarkets. 
16 May, 2018

What can America learn from the UK retail sector?

The US retail sector has already adopted a number of new initiatives from its UK counterpart, including the continuing prominence of private label products, development of ‘free from’, and a focus on heightened transparency when it comes to product...
11 May, 2018

How to collaborate like an e-commerce company

Private brand has turned retailers into brand owners. However, the best brand owners realize they can’t do it all by themselves.
09 May, 2018

Convenience drives footfall

At last month's FoodEx and associated exhibitions there were some great artisan products on show. There was the usual array of cheeses, an increased prevalence of chilli and, dare I say, a decline in speciality gins?  But most striking was the...
02 May, 2018

Private brands transparency does matter

Today, private brands transparency isn’t an option.  It’s quickly becoming a requirement. 
25 April, 2018

Are our health foods healthy?

For everyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will understand the struggle of identifying what is healthy and what isn’t. For every claim to be good for you, you will undoubtedly find a counter-claim beseeching you to eliminate that food...
18 April, 2018

Sedex 2018 review - Moving beyond compliance: Trust, transparency and the technology to achieve it

I attended the 2018 Sedex conference on the 13-14 March which was focused on Defining ‘Beyond Compliance’ in responsible sourcing. It was a valuable learning experience with key note speakers from various organisations such as Emerging Leaders, NSF...
11 April, 2018

Sainsbury's takeover of Nectar widens data divide and puts more retailers at risk

Data is the new oil. And for a one time payment equivalent to 2 million barrels of the black stuff, J Sainsbury's (JS) has taken control of customer loyalty scheme, Nectar.
04 April, 2018
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