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Manage risk, seize opportunities and prioritise activities with a materiality assessment

Businesses today are faced with a plethora of challenges and risks. Pressure from customers, stakeholders and government legislation can be overwhelming, only made more urgent by sustainability rising to the top of the agenda for many.
09 September, 2021

The 5 stages of turning your sustainability strategy into a plan

Global forces such as the climate emergency and deglobalisation, not to mention the most recent COVID - 19 pandemic, bring challenges to the way we do business now more than ever before . There are consequences that remain, but also opportunities to...
21 August, 2021

Turning sustainability opportunities into action: part 2

  Setting goals that create value for manufacturers In Part 1, I covered the people-centric aspect of sustainability and the importance of building relationships with your suppliers. Now, we look at how you can create your sustainability goals that...
15 August, 2021

How climate change legislation will impact on supplier engagement

Lidl GB’s announcement that their business will be carbon neutral by 2022 is illuminating on a number of levels due to:
27 July, 2021

Turning sustainability opportunities into action: part 1

  Leadership and relationships in manufacturing I’m passionate about helping manufacturers understand their value chain responsibilities and guiding them to achieve their sustainability goals. I’ve just got back from factory visits in Northern...
22 July, 2021

What stands between you and your sustainability goals?

“It’s so disappointing, we removed a third of the plastic from our containers and no one knows about it. Even our customers weren’t asking for it”.   So my friend, responsible for sustainability, described his disappointment at a project he recently...
16 July, 2021

Plastic Pact commitments demand successful supplier engagement

Plastics reduction returning to top of the agenda Last month, I featured as a panellist on a Webinar hosted by Store Brands in which we discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the many packaging and plastic commitments made by brands such as the UK or...
24 May, 2021

Obtaining key product data: how your suppliers can support your challenges and goals

There is so much importance on the value of product transparency. Not only is it about building trust with your consumers, but also making sure they champion your own brand portfolio. Enhancing your chances of gaining repeat business and loyalty. It...
14 May, 2021

Rethinking supplier diversity and inclusion to help grow your business

Diversity and inclusion is a topic of growing importance to consumers and the food retail industry at large, especially considering the increased societal focus on equity and race. Retailers are increasingly unveiling initiatives to make progress...
26 April, 2021

Chasing the tail of change management

Change management is a fundamental part of our lives. The accelerating need to manage change is ubiquitous. Global issues such as climate change, COVID-19, consumer health, rapidly developing technology, competitor activity, social media etc. all...
21 April, 2021
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