Product Innovation…. Everyone Loves it!

Ok, maybe not the factory managers, but new product development teams certainly do, and customers and consumers definitely do. Innovation is a great way to differentiate yourselves from the competition.
02 March, 2017

Recyclability: Misleading the masses

Less than 1% of takeaway coffee cups get recycled in the UK. Less than 1%! And when you dig a little deeper even that is extremely generous, with the actual figures sitting at a miniscule 0.1% - closer to nothing.
13 January, 2017

IGD Big Debate 2016 – let’s talk ‘brand experience’

Many in the industry, myself included, regard the IGD Big Debate as the UK’s biggest retail event of the year and when I look at the calibre of speakers listed for this year, I am not disappointed.
17 October, 2016


Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) has announced a new joint venture with Consumer Science, a division of MMI (Marketing Management, Inc.). Together, the organizations will combine their resources and expertise to bring private brand retailers...
14 October, 2016

What do we mean by private brand product performance?

Across our website and blog, you will see us regularly refer to ‘product performance’. Understanding product performance is a principle that’s core to delivering what we call a Unified Brand Experience (UBX). So what do we actually mean by ‘product...
12 October, 2016

The meaning of ‘One View’ for private brand teams

Here at S4RB, we’ve developed two proven routes to help retailers achieve their private brand goals and deliver a Unified Brand Experience (UBX):
05 October, 2016

Which retailers deliver the best value for consumers?

We work with many of the world’s leading brands, especially retail private brands, and not surprisingly, all of these retailers want to ensure that they deliver maximum value for their customers. We provide solutions to help retailers benchmark...
10 August, 2016

A tale of frozen cheesecake - Why millennials believe in private brands

Someone told me recently that apparently 42% of millennials (like myself) believe that private brand products are more innovative than national brands.
05 August, 2016

Economy private label falls in Europe while premium private brands grow

Following my visit to FMI Connect, I noticed that the recent figures on private label sales in Europe didn’t make for a great headline. Then, looking much deeper, it soon became apparent that the message relating to the performance of private label...
04 July, 2016

Are food retailers facing doomsday?

Food retailers are under great pressure, more than ever before. Amazon are set to potentially take the home-delivery market by storm, the ‘discounters’ are emerging as mainstream competitors, and the newer generation of shoppers - the millennials -...
23 June, 2016
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