Why the Game Just Changed for Healthy Foods

The Whole Foods-Amazon merger was the shot heard around the retail world. It’s hard to find a food industry expert who hasn’t opined on this deal in a blog post, article, or presentation.
22 November, 2017

Walmart third quarter earnings

Lisa Roecher, Client Success Director at S4RB comments on Walmart's latest results as reported here by CNBC.
19 November, 2017

Signal failure: The problem with receipt traffic lights

Experts have recently proposed a traffic light system for supermarket receipts, alerting customers to high levels of fat, sugar and salt in their weekly shop. Taken at face value, it could be effective in curbing obesity levels in the UK, but delve...
15 November, 2017

How U.S. grocers can engage existing customers in feedback about private brands

I recently took part in a podcast with the Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Aylward of where we spoke in some detail about how grocers need a well-developed channel for gaining consumer feedback, so products not only deliver what they are...
08 November, 2017

The history of healthy eating: part two

Right, here we are again. Picking up from where we left off in the 1970’s in Part One of this series, let’s jump straight into an era which was littered with new ideas of what counted as healthy eating and how these ideas began to shape where we get...
01 November, 2017

The history of healthy eating: part one

If you’re anything like me, you like to try and lead a relatively balanced lifestyle (I say relatively, like seriously who has the willpower to stick to healthy eating 100% of the time?!). But then again, what is healthy eating? What constitutes as...
25 October, 2017

The 'Waitrose effect'?

Last week, The Sunday Times reported that the prime minister has announced that the government will help another 135,000 people onto the property ladder by spending an additional £10bn on the Help to Buy scheme.
18 October, 2017

Will we ever see a 'TripAdvisor' for retailers?

Within the four walls of most major retailers, customer feedback is predominantly categorised as ‘complaints’. As customers, we sometimes fall into the same trap in our own communications, because it is the vernacular used. But it isn’t only...
12 October, 2017

Velocity 2017: From the outside looking in

Last month’s Velocity: My [Private] Brand Conference brought together some of the world’s biggest retailers and suppliers to share retail expertise and strategy. Joining members of the S4RB leadership team was Tank's senior account manager, Dan...
11 October, 2017

‘I want what I want, when I want it and where I want it!’

At last month’s Future Retail Strategies conference there were lots of discussions, as the name implies, about new ways to engage customers; the new future of retail.  From clothes stores, where the stock is stored underground and touch screens in...
06 October, 2017
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