Is healthy eating ruining our planet?

In recent years, many foods which were previously only consumed by a relatively small percentage of the Western population, have become staple items on the shopping list of an ever-growing number of healthy shoppers. And while these foods might be...
14 February, 2018

Will convenience be the death of conversation?

I have been to the shops 5 times this week, not one of these times have I actually spoken to anyone. I used self-service check outs every time. I didn’t need to ask for a bag or get my ID checked. No one said "Hi" or asked how my day was. It got me...
07 February, 2018

11 tactics for engaging suppliers with your modern slavery strategy

  Last November saw the 2017 Stop Slavery Awards recognise companies that have taken concrete steps to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Amongst those honoured was parent company of the UK Convenience Grocer, COOP. Most notably, it...
05 February, 2018

Retail trends set to hit the US in 2018

Attitudes across the globe have changed dramatically in recent years when it comes to consumers choosing what they eat and where they buy their produce and groceries. In 2018, US retailers must be more transparent than ever before if they want to...
31 January, 2018

The devil is in the detail

Delegating data collection tasks is a great way to get results
26 January, 2018

True Product Innovation Isn’t A Quick Affair

How long does it take to achieve innovation?
17 January, 2018

The future of retail: how trucks will drive product technology and innovation

For most people, the announcement of a new type of truck wouldn't elicit much interest. I certainly struggled to raise more than a sarcastic yawn from my colleagues when attempting to introduce into conversation the news of electric carmaker Tesla...
10 January, 2018

Five new food trends for 2018

Every year there is a new ingredient or food group that lands on the scene, hailed as the new superfood or way of eating which will help us all become a better version of ourselves.
03 January, 2018

Private brands need to get more social

What’s the most positive sign for private brands’ future?
20 December, 2017

Supplier engagement – all retailers will tell you they have it, but do they really?

Having had the experience of working within a large German retailer private brand team, developing private brands across categories, I was truly surprised at how one-dimensional in most cases their supplier engagement was!
13 December, 2017
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