Are our health foods healthy?

For everyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will understand the struggle of identifying what is healthy and what isn’t. For every claim to be good for you, you will undoubtedly find a counter-claim beseeching you to eliminate that food...
18 April, 2018

Sedex 2018 review - Moving beyond compliance: Trust, transparency and the technology to achieve it

I attended the 2018 Sedex conference on the 13-14 March which was focused on Defining ‘Beyond Compliance’ in responsible sourcing. It was a valuable learning experience with key note speakers from various organisations such as Emerging Leaders, NSF...
11 April, 2018

Sainsbury's takeover of Nectar widens data divide and puts more retailers at risk

Data is the new oil. And for a one time payment equivalent to 2 million barrels of the black stuff, J Sainsbury's (JS) has taken control of customer loyalty scheme, Nectar.
04 April, 2018

Is Asda missing the 'spark'?

Asda’s trading troubles have been well documented in recent years. The rise of the budget Grocer coupled with increasing consumer expectations on everything from range, innovation and accessibility have placed significant strain on Asda's once...
28 March, 2018

The great British, private brand, bake off

Growing up, private brands to me meant that my parents were having a particularly tough week and we had to make a few cut backs in the supermarket. No Mr. Kipling that week, it was Kwik Save, "no frills" generic cake. As I got older, things changed....
22 March, 2018

Finance and product traceability - a marriage made in Blockchain?

The day hadn't begun well. I’d watched the sun rise as I hauled my luggage around the corner of Marble Arch, looking for Number 31. I felt like Harry Potter; searching for the mysterious Platform 9 ¾. After a couple of laps and a fair contribution...
21 March, 2018

The history of M&S | this is not just a store, it's an M&S store since 1884

Hello Friends and welcome back to my Retail History blog. This time we look at the national treasure that is Marks and Spencer. Let’s take our Tardis back to 1884 to see how one of the nation’s most loved and recognised retailers came to be. So, top...
14 March, 2018

What does convenience really mean?

Towards the end of last year, I attended the IGD Leading Edge Annual Conference. During the day, one of the presentations was on an amazingly innovative ‘3D food printer’. People spoke about this like it was ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, so...
07 March, 2018

Sugar reduction: Why retailers need to find the sweet spot

With the general election looming in June 2017, the government pushed through a new tax on sugary soft drinks. Further proposals to cut 200,000 tonnes of sugar from the UK market remained in the balance until after the election – but as all the...
28 February, 2018

Could Iceland’s move to scrap plastic re-invigorate the grocery packaging sector?

The announcement from supermarket chain Iceland that it is aiming to replace plastic packaging on its own-label products with trays and bags made of paper within the next five years has caused a great deal of media attention. There is much to...
28 February, 2018
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